Foundation Barbin Presents:

Redeux (Sort of)

Kai Matsumiya Gallery
January 5 through February 5, 2016
Opening January 5, 7 p.m.-10 p.m.

  • Joshua Abelow
  • Ricci Albenda
  • Joe Albert
  • Polly Apfelbaum
  • John Bianchi
  • Lisa Blas    
  • Andrea Blum
  • Patrick Bradley
  • Carl D’Alvia
  • Jeff Davis
  • Devon Dikeou    
  • Jake Ewert
  • Rochelle Feinstein
  • Daphne Fitzpatrick
  • Freecell
  • Martha Friedman   
  • Rainer Ganahl
  • Sam Gordon
  • Wade Guyton
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Matthew Higgs
  • Jonathan Horowitz 
  • Scott Hug
  • Craig Kalpakjian
  • Sadie Laska
  • Miranda Lichtenstein
  • Pam Lins    
  • Cameron Martin
  • Keith Mayerson
  • Danny McDonald
  • Ohad Meromi     
  • Deborah Mesa-Pelly
  • Philip Metten   
  • Kirsten Nash
  • Darinka Novitovic
  • Tai Ogawa   
  • Virginia Overton
  • Sarah Peters
  • Rob Pruitt
  • Jacob Robichaux
  • Halsey Rodman   
  • Ruth Root
  • Jackie Saccoccio
  • Sara Saltzman
  • Zoe Pettijohn Schade    
  • Meredyth Sparks
  • Steel Stillman
  • Aaron Suggs
  • Carol Szymanski
  • Michael Wetzel  
  • Pedro Wirz
  • Eric Wolf
  • Gia Wolff
  • B Wurtz

From the Urban Dictionary:
Redeux (not to be confused with redux)
Top definition
1: Another way to say remix

Every Friday at Foundation Barbin we have a staff lunch. After an E. coli scare with a chain food establishment the meals are now catered, and are always vegan, gluten free, low sodium, and the discussion is always lively. Everyone checks their privilege at the staff dining room door, along with turning off their cell phones and taking off their shoes. No cross-talking is permitted. These suggestions are followed most of the time, but we have noticed a staff member or two playing with their hair, looking down and checking something in their lap on occasion.

The Friday lunch focuses on what we are proud to have accomplished, and where we would like to be in the future. We decided we are proud of our first show and the artists involved, our can-do attitude, and how we were nominated for an award. We are proud that we tried to get two exhibitions off the ground after the first one, alas with no success as of yet, but we vow to keep trying. We realized how important the role real estate plays in all of these transactions, and that a lesson we learned is that a gallery or institution has to be willing to give up their valuable real estate when considering an outside proposal. 

We discussed topics: ceramics are hot right now, cats might be on the wane (then decided "never!"), the figure is up again, and everyone seems to like art made with neon. Someone brought up Acceleration and Speculative Realism when focusing on upcoming exhibition subjects. However, we decided that these ideas have been illustrated so perfectly lately in a performative way by certain Republican presidential candidates and some terrorist groups, we decided to do something else.

We also discussed how we would have to vacate our office on the Lower East Side soon, because the building we are in is going to be torn down to build a hotel. Suggestions of where to go were brought up. One person suggested Yonkers, and another suggested the Piano District, but none of us had ever heard of it or knew where that was. 

Right then an intern looked up from their lap and said “Can I share a text from my phone?” We looked at them exasperatedly, but knew that there was little we could do, the intern is well connected and we often had to endure their opinions. “Someone has offered us a space, I got a text from someone named Kai, and it says go to or for more info.

"Should we do it?”  “Yes!” we all said in unison. "But what should we do?," we thought. “Let’s revisit the exhibition we did in an empty apartment a few years ago with the same artists and see what they are up to now,” someone said. And then someone else interjected “Let’s add more artists!” So we did and came up with others too. “But what about all of the other artists we know, shouldn’t we include them too?!” another someone said sadly. Then someone else said, “That’s okay, we’ll get to all of them too, in another show, in another space.”